Sounding Off

Loves and hates


Okay, I can be opinionated, stubborn and pig-headed, I do not always suffer fools lightly.

I want to live in a caring and considerate society that takes account of its members. I also want my kids to live without waiting lists, with cycle tracks and without too many worries about the future.

Among my pet hates are billboards and smoking in the wrong places, quacks in general, demagogues and fools (including myself at times ;-). And of course spammers. So I urge everyone to get yourself a Gmail address with an effective free spam filter. Project Honeypot is also worth supporting..

Among my great loves are the children, Harwich and the Da Costabuurt, cycling, photography, Italy etc.

Take a look at Adbusters, the Sense site, BadScience etc. And beware of Scientologists in sheeps' clothing.