My life

A few odds and sods since 1949


Early 1950s

We lived in South London (Stapleton Road, Tooting) and had a couple of chickens in the garden. Otherwise there would have been no eggs.


My first real memory is of the street party held to mark the coronation. We all sat outside at long tables for the party in June 1953.

1962 December

We had a family holiday in Cornwall, in a guest house within a stone's throw of Land's End. But our holiday was dramatically extended when England was blanketed in snow on Boxing Day. The snow stayed until February, but we were able to return home early in the New Year. I was just 13.


Played solo trumpet on the Decca recording of Psalm 150 with Benjamin Britten conducting - 11 July 1966 in the Kingsway Hall, London.