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Several attempts have been made to give Dutch film a face of its own on the Net. Some smooth and professional, others with rougher edges and more character.

A good starting point - especially for film professionals is FilmStart (English site coming). If you want to study here and find out why Holland has attained a position in world cinema way beyond its size, come to the Binger Film Lab.

The largest event on Holland's cultural calendar is also one of Europe's major film festivals, held in Rotterdam. The country also has a major documentary festival and an animation festival, as well as a smaller festival in Vlissingen and a children's festival, not to forget the Nederlands Film Festival.

If you want to meet Holland's most Internet-aware film actor, I fear you're too late. The very productive, approachable and internet-savvy actor Roef Ragas had a site "The Jaywalk Centre" that said for a while it was temporarily off-line due to a computer glitch... but Roef died tragically on Friday 31 August 2007 at the age of only 42. Within a week it turned into an ad for the provider. Such is the way of the Net. Our thoughts are with his family and especially his two children.

To buy Dutch films, for screening abroad, check out NPO Sales.

Of course all producers have their own sites these days. Take a look at BosBros, Pieter van Huystee, Egmond and not to forget Column.

Of course if you just want to see a movie while in Holland, take a look at the national cinema list.

A few more links:


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