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    Me, my work and other matters

I'm a Brit living in Holland, earning my living translating - mainly Dutch films - into English. Intercultural communication!

Translation may be an art, but this homepage can provide a useful tool in my work as a translator and includes links to all kinds of handy places and services.  I also help write and market Spot, the ideal subtitling system for PCs. Version 3.5 soon made its name as the ideal companion to subtitle translators and editors... Version 4.4 also featured video caching so you can work from video on the hard disk as well as a graphic audio bar and video thumbnails. 5.0 is now on the market with many enhancements including overlaying subtitles on video files. 
This site also offers me an opportunity to sound off about my likes and dislikes (you can follow me on Twitter) and to list my achievements. And to let you hear some mean music

That has earned me the Marsh Award for Children's Fiction in Translation.‘A delight for anyone lucky enough to read them.’ 
– The Bookseller 

‘Toon Tellegen's 'The Squirrel's Birthday and Other Parties' and 'Letters to Anyone and Everyone' are, quite simply, two of the loveliest and most charming collections of stories I have EVER had the pleasure of reading.’ 
– Alison Morris, Publishers Weekly 

Jury report: 'Martin Cleaver's translation captures Tellegen's richly imagined world and the distinctive characters and poetic voices in it and is worthy winner...'